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BAMEDA's Fall Hafla - Oct 19th - St Petersburg

The Bay Area Middle Eastern/ Multi Ethnic Dance Association’s
Fall Hafla
Sunday October 19th
VFW Hall
4145 34th St N
St Petersburg, FL 33714

OVER 30 dancers!!!

Tickets - 5$ Donation
Kids 12 and under FREE!!!

Interesting in vending at the Hafla?
BAMEDA members vend for free!!!
Contact President Cookie Schwebel
727-458-3474 or email her at laacook@yahoo.com

To join BAMEDA
Please make checks out to our Treasurer—
Larry Schwebel
5355 E Park St N
St Petersburg, FL 33709
Put “BAMEDA” at the bottom of your checks or money order
$15 for a single membership per year and $20 for a Family membership

What is BAMEDA?
Bay Area Middle Eastern/Multi Ethnic Dance Association!!
BAMEDA is a diverse association of ethnic dancers, dance enthusiasts and musicians in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.
Founded in 1982, our organization provides a hub for members to communicate, collaborate and share their enthusiasm for their art
Do you enjoy Belly Dance and Flamenco performances?
Interested in learning to Drum or Hula?
Want to connect with other dancers in the Tampa Bay Area?
Join BAMEDA!!!
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